Darkness is falling across the land. Unclean creatures once more cross the borders of the Grand Duchy of Kerameikos. Evil magic-users, sworn to the service of Chaos gather followers and menace the peaceful folk of town and countryside.

The ruins of Castle Gygar, former seat of the good wizard Gygar, still spoken of with respect and reverence, are once more inhabited, now with fell creatures who stalk the countryside around. It is rumoured that there is one who spurs the denizens of Castle Gygar on, a rogue magic user named Bargle.

Those rumours and more are repeated endlessly in the town of Threshold, a few short miles from Castle Gygar, where they reach the ears of a band of hardy adventurers, resting at the Golden Dragon tavern. These intrepid souls have delved the secret places of the earth and have lived to tell the tale. The quest to rid the town of the menace of Bargle quickens their interest with the promise of glory and renown. Aye, glory and renown…..and the reward of 1,000 gold pieces offered by the town rulers of Threshold for the apprehension of Bargle of course!

Bargle beware! You have yet to meet the likes of Teelia Skycat, the Fighter, Norri the Dwarf and Elric Leafson the Elf (and Elric’s pet tiger cub, Simba). Now begins a tale of High Adventure!

The dungeons of Castle Gygar