The dungeons of Castle Gygar

Approach to Castle Gygar....and (tactical) retreat

The Story So Far

The campaign started with two relatively short gaming sessions on a short family holiday in picturesque County Sligo on the 9th and 10th April respectively.

The action started in the Golden Dragon Inn in the town of Threshold as the parties drank ale and discussed their upcoming foray to Castle Gygar the following morning. The players had a brief introduction to role-play as they are joined by a mysterious character, too well-dressed for that tavern, who introduced himself as Vicarion, merchant and member of the town council.

Vicarion had heard the rumours that the party intended to travel to Castle Gygar and he wishes them well on their quest. He told them that the ruling council had been urged by the local religious order to deal with the problem of Bargle, a renegade magic-user who had killed one of their number, Aleena the Cleric and taken up residence at the Castle. A reward of 1,000 gold pieces was being offered for his apprehension but he told the party that the council were even more concerned with interference with merchants travelling to and from the region. The party retired for the night (after quaffing the ale Vicarion had bought for them).

The next day they journey to Castle Gygar, Teelia going in front, Elric in the middle and the doughty dwarf, Norri, bringing up the rear. They start to approach the outer walls of Castle Gygar and to an area where the wooden outer doors have been deposited on the ground. The party see some movement under the door and Teelia goes forward to investigate with Norri at her elbow in support. Suddenly, a horrible worm-like creature with eight tentacles around its mouth half emerges from the hole under the doors and attacks Teelia.

Unfortunately for Teelia, she loses initiative automatically as she opts to join combat with her two handed sword and the Carrion Crawler (for that is what it is) gets in all eight attacks first on Teelia. She is unlucky on one and falls to the earth paralysed. Norri tries to sink his axe into the creature and misses. While this is happening, Elric, who had stayed off approximately thirty feet has drawn his longbow and is moving in to get a shot of the creature from the side. He will attack in the next round.

In the next round the creature wins the initiative roll and attacks Norri but luckily misses. Norri engages with his axe but makes a complete mess of things and misses entirely (again). Elric does better and puts and arrow in the creature’s gooey hide. The creature loses 5 of its ten hit points.

In the next round Elric misses in the missile fire phase. The creature attacks Norri but manages to miss. Finally Norri redeems himself and the blade of his hand-axe sinks deep wiping out the rest of the creature’s hit points.

After that, Norri and Elric drag Teelia to safety in a field nearby and she recovers consciousness in half an hour. They return to the Hole under the door and find a quantity of silver and copper coins as well as two garnets.

As they are gathering the treasure they hear a loud thump and see that the inner doors of the gateway have been closed. The parties cautiously survey the surroundings and Teelia’s player starts an old-school D&D pencil map on grid paper!

The party walk around to the east wall and look through the holes in the wall whereupon they see a group of about ten Kobolds standing just inside the main gateway. At that point the players succumbed to weariness in real life and we decided to continue the encounter the next day.

Having come back to it the next day, the party decides to pass along the south wall to a 10 foot gap leading into the large courtyard, unslinging their longbow and crossbow in the process. Elric and Teelia decide to move and fire, using the fallen boulders and columns in the courtyard for partial cover and closing in on the Kobolds, who are approximately 100 feet away. Norri, who has no missile weapons trails after them, trying to remain inconspicuous.

The kobolds, under full cover, are difficult to hit and over rounds two to four Elric manages to hit a Kobold twice, killing it. Only nine to go! Worse, Elric takes a hit from a Kobold shortbow losing a couple of hit points.

In round 5 the party have closed to within 20 feet and the Kobolds drop their shortbows and attack with short-swords. The melee combat suits the party but they have a number of bad rolls. Teelia takes a hit from a short-sword and Norri is hit more than once going dangerously down to 1 hit point. It takes rounds five to nine to resolve the melee combat and to finish off the remaining eight Kobolds. The party proceeds to loot the bodies and picks up some copper pieces.

At that point, the party wisely decide to withdraw back to Threshold to recuperate, intending to nurse their wounds and come back. The session comes to a close as the party trudges back to Threshold with some money jingling in their pocket. Hmm, I’ll suggest they might wish to invest in some plate-mail at this stage.

My youngest player, playing Elric, at this point threw a curve-ball and said he wanted his teddy Simba to have a role in the game and to have a character as Elric’s “pet”. The serious gamer within the DM was ,of course, slightly appalled, but the Daddy won out and agreed. The DM has actually created a character sheet for “Simba” and his profile can be seen here as well!



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