The dungeons of Castle Gygar

Rejuvenation, retail therapy...and returning

The "Rocky II" comeback

After their bruising encounters with a Carrion Crawler and a large-ish group of Kobolds within the outer wall of the Castle,the party prudently opted to re-trace their steps back to Threshold to re-group. Both player characters had taken hits and Norri the dwarf (non-player character) was near death.

Back in town the party decide to take rooms in the Golden Dragon Inn and stay there for three days allowing all of the party to recover fully (using the Pathfinder rest and recovery rules).Whilst Norri is laid up in the inn, Teelia and Elric go out and attend to some business in town. Firstly, they visit the local loan bank to exchange their two garnets for cash,incurring a 10% transaction fee.Next they pay a visit to the local smith and armourer and trade in their chainmail armour for plate-mail improving their armour class in the process.

A bit of house-keeping is dealt with including division of treasure and awarding XP and the party finally are able to set out again on the morning of the fourth day after their last excursion. The inn-keeper gets up to say farewell and he tells the party that he thinks others may be considering travelling to the castle in search of adventure and that the local temple had reported in the last few days that a cleric called Milo had gone missing.

The party set out and soon reach Castle Gygar. They opt to enter the outer wall through the 10 foot hole in the western portion of the south hall. The characters note that the pile of bodies left at the gateway is gone and that a wide maroon stain leads from the site of the combat to a point some fifty feet away. There is a small mound of charred material which appears to be the remains of the hapless kobolds.

The characters cross the rubble-strewn outer courtyard to the 20 foot outer doors of the castle proper. The first room is uneventful and the party go west through a doorway which at first sight has nothing but minor rubbish in it. The parties search a fireplace in the north wall of the room and Teelia gets attacked by a GIANT BAT that emerges from the chimney.

Both the bat and Teelia miss each other but Elric with a swipe of his sword seriously wounds the creature. At this point the DM carried out a morale check against the giant bat which it failed. The giant bat flapped away through a doorway in the West wall .

The parties decide to go that way as well and find themselves in a storage room full of boxes, with the giant bat perching on top of one of them. They decide to ignore it and the bat does not seem to be eager for a re-match. When they touch a box, they are then puzzled by a disembodied deep voice who asks them if Bargle is with them. Unable to locate the mystery of the voice the party leaves through the north door avoiding the Giant Bat.

The party find themselves in a small narrow room, the only note-worthy feature a hatbox tied with string on the floor in front of them. Teelia decides to take the direct approach and opts to untie the string manually. She does not realise that the string is coated with poison and she immediately must make a saving throw ,which she passes. In the box she discovers an extremely valuable hatpin made of platinum, which they take.

At this point, it was necessary to finish off the session and the parties left the Castle for the purposes of a re-grouping in the wooded hill to the west of the Castle and to eat some rations. The party are looking forward to exploring more of Castle Gygar soon!



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