The dungeons of Castle Gygar

Dungeon Crawl III & IV

Slow and Easy does it

Stepping into a narrow rubbish filled passage, Teelia lifts up her torch and the party see four humanoid figures facing the other side of the passage. They turn as the light hits them and start to lurch towards the party; Zombies! Four of them!

The passage is just wide enough for two characters to fight side by side and Teelia and Elric stand shoulder to shoulder swinging their blades. Four rounds of fighting later four zombies litter the floor. Norrie didn’t take any useful part of the fighting having fallen over at the start of the fight.

The adventurers continue on to a room to the west which used to be a fine bedroom but was now a shabby mouldy shadow of its former self. The party examines a bed with strange carvings etched into the headboard including the carven image of a bright sun rising.There is nothing else apparent from an examination of the room.Leaving out through the east door they come to a room with a stone stairway leading down into the darkness of the second underground level of the castle.

Stepping in to a disordered square room they come across a group of five kobolds looking for intruders to chase out of the castle. The adventurers as veterans now in fighting kobolds make short work of these characters. Beyond that room they come to a small room with the stone statue of a kobold therein. This shows nothing after investigation. The door to the West cannot be forced.

Momentarily baffled, the party trek back through the room containing the relicts of the hapless five kobolds, through the hall containing the stairway and the rather mouldy East bedroom through a rubbish filled hall and into a bedroom on the West side of the central hallway. This room appears to be quite similar in layout to the East bedroom with a rather moldy bed as its centrepiece. As Teelia steps into the room she looks on the bed and finds it looks very inviting….. she is invited to make a saving throw (vs. spells) which she fails and her companions look on in horror as she walks mechanically to the bed and lies down, falling into a deep sleep. Nothing the party do can wake Teelia but the party see that there is a carving on the head-board of the bed which appears to show a crescent moon carved to resemble a sleeping face. After some frenzied discussion and referrals to notes of the East bedroom, they decide to carry Teelia from the room and place her on the bed located in the East bedroom. This has the desired effect and after half an hour Teelia wakes up refreshed and none the worse for wear for her ordeal.

The party return through the hallway into the West bedroom, past the enchanted bed and come to a rectangular room with a fireplace in one corner and a series of stone steps that lead down, down into the darkness…..



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