The dungeons of Castle Gygar

Laughter and Lycanthropes

The party gives meaning to the term "Dungeon Crawl"

Session 6 was played in the fantastic rural surroundings of Normandy just south of a town called Pont L’Evecque.

Following on from the last session, the party exit the Kobold chapel through a door to the east and enter a square chamber which appears to be used for storage. A search by the party of packing cases by the south wall reveals a chest that is 3 foot high but 2 deep inside. The party missed the implications of this for a number of minutes before finally twigging that the chest has a false bottom. Removing that the party find a cloth bag containing 200 gold pieces and 100 silver pieces.

The party exit through a door to the east and come into a tiny chamber of10’ X 10’. In the north wall the party see a stone relief carving depicting a large fat jolly man with a toga which can be seen to have been originally red from flecks of paint still visible. The figure’s arms are outstretched and his mouth is wide open with laughter. The name “Gelos” appears underneath. The mouth clearly has a hole in the middle of it and the party decide to investigate. Norri is nominated to go forward (it’ll be someone else next time) and on approaching the figure, a cloud of dust issues forth engulfing Norri. Norri makes a saving throw against poison which he passes, thus avoiding the effects of the laughing gas.

Leaving the room to the east the party enter a room containing a make-shift desk covered in parchments and scrolls. The walls are covered with maps and charts including a map of the Grand Duchy of Karameikos. Sitting behind the desk is a dark-haired man of unusual appearance with long thick hair, bushy eyebrows and long side burns. This individual is Landon, Bargle’s lieutenant and also a werewolf. When he notices the party he tries to engage them in time-wasting chat whilst he attempts to transform into a werewolf. He offers the party the chance to engage as fighters for Bargle. Meanwhile the DM measures time on the basis of 10 second rounds. At the end of the first round, the party members take an intelligence roll which Elric passes and he realises that Landon is changing before their eyes. The party unsheathes their weapons and attack. The party with the exception of Teelia (wielding her double-handed broadsword) win the initiative and attack. Elric inflicts 6 HP of Damage and Norri inflicts 1 HP of damage. Even Simba gets in on the action but fails to sink his teeth in. Landon attacks Teelia with his dagger to do 2 HP of damage. Teelia retaliates and strikes mightily doing 11 points of damage. At this point, Landon undergoes a morale test which he fails. His transformation halted, he stabilises in his human form.

The party search Landon and find a Ring of Animal Control. They find a parchment on his desk with the word “Ransom” written on the top. Underneath are the names “Milo” (crossed out), “Benis”, “Cusco” and “Wilhelm”. They question Landon who reveals that there is a Kobold lair situate in that levelof the dungeon with approximately 20 Kobolds. The Kobolds work with Bargle when it suits them. He explains that Bargle has also been kidnapping merchants passing to and from Threshold on the main road south and holding them for ransom. The cleric, Milo had been captured and a demand for ransom had been dispatched to his temple. The temple refused to pay on religious grounds, and Milo had been given to the Kobolds for their own use. He is now a prisoner in the Kobold lair. On receiving further threats, he reveals there is a wolf chained up in a room to the West but that the Ring of Animal Control can be used on the animal.

Overall, Bargle plans to build his strength and resources through terror and ransom before invading the nearest town, Threshold. He can say nothing further. The party debate what to do with Landon and young Elric comes up with the surprising idea of bringing him along as an ally! However, the older, more cynical Teelia will have none of that and Landon is summarily dispatched. Hmmm, perhaps someone needs to be reminded of her alignment!
The party move on deeper into the dungeon.



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