The dungeons of Castle Gygar

The art of door-listening

At the start of the session, Elric insisted that we had yet to actually make a decision in relation to the werewolf beaten in room 67. Tortured discussion then ensued as to whether to put an end to him, let him go (not popular) or what. Norri suggested that the party might consider tying him up if they had a rope and Elric helpfully has a 50 foot length. Elric takes off a length and Landon is securely tied up. Norri heaps further indignity upon him by stuffing a filthy sock in his mouth and securing that with a piece of cloth tied around the head. This amuses Elric’s player very much which was the general idea. Having deposited Landon behind his makeshift desk, the party decide to continue east, into room 66.

In this long rectangular chamber the party see a ravening wolf attached to a 10 foot length of chain set in an iron ring in the floor. He guards the door to the north and also a door appearing in the east wall. The party decide to dispatch the creature with missile fire. Teelia tries first with her crossbow. Amazingly, despite positive adjustments for dexterity and range she misses. Elric, with similar advantages, also misses with his longbow and Teelia misses yet again. At that point the DM carried out a Wandering Monster roll in view of the snarling of the wolf but nothing shows up. Elric has one final go with the longbow and this time silences the beast forever. At this point the DM reminds them that they did have a Ring of Animal Control but perhaps they were looking for target practice….

The party then become very cautious and decide to listen to the exit in the north where they hear a number of harsh voices. They hear nothing from an eavesdrop at the east door and then Elric decides he wants to try looking through the keyholes at both doors! Eventually, after much discussion the party decide to risk the north door to room 65 rather than brave the ominous silence of room 66.

This room is a fairly large ramshackle room which may have served as a dormitory of sorts in the past. In the middle of the room are three Kobolds who successfully roll for initiative and attack the party. Elric sustains a minor wound but promptly slays his attacker. The 2 kobolds pass a morale test and Norri and Teelia miss their targets. In the second round the party have the initiative and Elric kills another Kobold. Norri and the last Kobold miss and Teelia finally dispatches the last kobold with her two handed blade. The Kobolds are found to have some copper pieces. Never mind. This is the start of the Kobold lair…..



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